Heavy Duty Mechanic - A Professional?

A Heavy Duty Mechanic - Is Yours, the best fit?

There are so many Commercial Truck Mechanics out there... from people who have a day time job and do work "on the side" to the trunk slamming semi-professional heavy-duty technicians not really qualified to work on your gear, or the "back yard mechanic" as well as many variations in between.

It can be hard to find the best fit at a reasonable rate.The Heavy Duty Technician who does the job right the first time, to save you time and money in the short and long haul.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and just as importantly, your heavy-duty mechanic

Does he have the right gear to safely and professionally work on your truck?

Do you carry all the tools needed to do a repair either in sop on the side of the highway?

What accreditations do you have to work on my semi-truck?

Do you have your heavy-duty journeymen certificate?

Do you carry common spare parts to save not only you but me expensive downtime? 

These are just some of the qualifying questions I would ask a potential heavy-duty mechanics or their heavy-duty shop

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Is your Heavy Duty Technician Have The Tools of the Trade? (Items they Require to properly perform services)

Basic Hand Tools (Heavy Duty Repair)*

½, ¼, ¾ and 3/8 inch drive socket sets adjustable wrenches battery post and clamp cleaner, battery terminal nut
brass drift center punch chisels
convertible 2/3 jaw puller cutting equipment: side cutter, tube cutter, wire cutter, plier cutters, shears digital multimeter
feeler gauge set, metric and imperial steel rule H puller hacksaw
half round file hammers: impact, rubber, sledge, air, slide hex key set, metric and imperial
jumper wires magnetic pick-up tool, telescopic, flex micrometer
pin punches pipe wrench pliers, battery terminal nut
pliers: insulator, snap ring, torque, multipliers pry/aligning bar punches
round file scraper screwdriver
sockets tape measure test light
tool chest torque wrench torx bits
universal joint utility knife vernier calliper
wire brush wire crimper and stripper wrench set, combination, metric & imperial
wrench set, flare nut, metric & imperial

Measuring Tools, Gauges and Equipment (Heavy Duty Repair)*

air gauge ammeter belt tension gauge
boost gauge boroscope compression gauge
cylinder bore gauge depth micrometer dial gauge
electric pressure gauge flowmeter fuel pressure gauge
holding gauge hydraulic pressure testing gauges/fittings hydrometer
inside micrometer levels manifold gauge
measuring rods mechanical pressure gauge meter stick
non-magnetic feeler gauge oil temperature gauge pinion angle gauge
plasti-gauge pressure gauge pull-type scale
pyrometer small hole gauge spectroscope
spring scale steel rules stethoscope
straightedge suspension measuring device tachometer
telescoping gauge test leads test light
thermometer timing gauge timing light
tire gauge torquemeter

Hoisting, Rigging and Holding Equipment (Heavy Duty Repair)*

axle stand bottle/axle jack cable hoist
chain hoist clamps clevises
dolly engine crane engine repair stand
floor crane floor hoist ground strap
hydraulic floor jack hydraulic guards hydraulic hand jack/porta-power
portable engine crane repair stand shims/blocking
single post hoist slings/cables/chains spreader bars
support stand tire guards transmission jack

Cleaning Equipment (Heavy Duty Repair)*

air blowguns brake cleaning equipment caustic cleaning tank
cleaning cloth cleaning gloves crocus cloth
glass bead machine hot tank degreaser parts cleaning solvent
pressure washer soft brush solvent washer
steam cleaner wire brush

Does your Heavy Duty Mechanic Have a Shop? Tools they should have*

¾ - 1 inch power bars/torque wrenches air compressor air line adapters
alignment tool analyzers: four-gas, gas, infra-red gas, vibration meter battery charger
battery load/starting system tester bearing heater black light
bleeding equipment booster cables brake lathe
break out box butane torch calibrated vessel
coolant recycling unit cooling system/pressure tester crack detecting equipment
crimping tools cutting and welding torch set cylinder cart/kit/tank
diagnostic equipment drift drills: bench, hand drivers, twist, air
exhaust expanders extension cord/trouble light fast charger
files flaring tool fluid containers
flushing kit fuel quality test kit fuel recovery and storage system
funnels grease gun grinders: bench, hand, valve
hand pump harness tester honing equipment
hot air gun labelling kit leak detection equipment
leakdown tester level protractor magnaflux equipment
module tester nitrogen charging equipment overhaul tools
presses: arbor, swing, hydraulic, bushing, shop, mechanical, hand pry bars pullers: bearing, gear, heavy duty, mechanical, torque ratchet
reamers recycling unit callipers: outside, inside
carburetor tools chemical agitator chisels: air, electric, hand
clutch alignment tool component heating or cooling equipment compressors: air, mechanical spring, piston ring, pneumatic spring, spring, valve spring
computer equipment: terminals, on-board computer, portable diagnostic computer, printer connecting rod aligner containers
continuity tester refractometer replacement tools
retrieval and storage equipment ridge reamer sandblaster
sanders saws: jigsaw, hacksaw, hole saw scanning tools
seal driver shims shop vacuum
soldering iron/gun spacers spark lighter
splicing clips steering tools straight edge
strobe light/tachometer stud extractor suction cups
tap and die sets temperature reader thermostat tester
thread file thread inserts tire bar
tire depth indicator tire machine torque angle tool, torque wrench
torque multiplier tube bender vacuum pump
valve and seat grinding equipment valve guide service kit valve lapping block
valve spring tester vapour degreaser vices
welding equipment

Safety Equipment (Heavy Duty Repair)*

apron communication devices CPR accessories (disposable)
ear protection emergency backup lighting eye wash station
face shield fall arrest equipment fire extinguishers
fireproof blanket first aid station gas mask
gloves goggles hand shields
ladders leather gloves leggings
manlift Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) respirators
safety boots safety cage safety glasses
safety hats splash suit sprinkler systems

24 Hour
Emergency Service

Heavy Duty Mechanic Glossary or Frequent Terminology*


non-essential components added to the machine to enhance the operation or extend machine longevity; for example greasing systems, radio, air conditioning, and extra lights. Although some accessories are non-essential to the machine operation, they are sometimes required in extreme operating environments.


components added to the machine that are integral to its operation to perform a specific job; for example ripper, winch, thumb, hammer, tamper or forks.

Basic Engine

assembled block and head including internal components and gear trains.


a controlled operation specified by the manufacturer on new or repaired components to maximize service life.

Heavy Truck Cold Weather Package

accessories used to aid machine start-up and operation in cold weather environments; may include fluid heaters, extra batteries, glow plug systems, ether injection systems, heating pads, and inlet air heaters.

Truck Driveline

the drive connection between a power source and a driven component.

Heavy Duty Truck Drive train

the mechanical portion of the driveline from the flywheel to the tires or the track excluding hydrostatic systems.

Electrical Systems

starting, charging, lighting and accessory circuits without computer control modules.

electronic Systems

electrical systems operated via computerized electronic control modules and related sensors and wiring.


Falling Object Protective Structure.

Heavy Truck Hydrostatic System

a hydraulic system which uses fluid under pressure to transmit power through tubes or hoses to machine drive components such as wheel or track drives.

Operator Station

interface between the operator and the equipment’s other systems that enables operation and monitoring of the machine.


rebuild or repair to like new condition.

Commercial Truck Powertrain

includes the drive train plus the engine (including hydrostatic systems).


Roll-Over Protective Structure.

Heavy Duty Technician Sensory Inspection Process

diagnosing or inspecting using sight, sound, smell and feel.

Heavy Duty Truck Start-Up

a specific procedure to begin operation of a machine or system.

Commercial Truck Structural Components

components that make up the integral structure of the machine; for example: frame, lift arms, booms, sticks, loader frames, counterweights, ROPS and FOPS.

Heavy-Duty Suspension

components that support the main frame from the ground and may include undercarriage, axle and wheel assemblies.

Heavy Truck Undercarriage

track type components required to support the machine and transmit power from the final drive to the ground.

Heavy Duty Truck wheel assembly

wheel or rim assembly, tire and attaching hardware.

*All the above Abbreviations, tools list and resoures provided by:

Provided by the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program National Occupational Analysis (NOA) http://www.red-seal.ca

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